Why BDH Collective?


After BLJ Films was started in 2013, we worked hard to be different, effective, exceptional, and to change the way people thought about creative agencies.

As we took on new projects, clients and creative partners over the course of the next year, our accomplishments and growing reputation dictated that we had to change our branding. It had to be clean, clear and memorable.

So we evolved into the BDH Collective. BDH is the acronym of the “BE, DO, HAVE” paradigm, which captures the essence of who we are and what we do.

BE creative (when planning/strategizing), DO more (always give the highest quality of service possible), and HAVE success (delivering the best product to help our clients achieve their goals!) as a collective.

As a company that provides a wide variety of services including marketing, advertising, PR, event management, media strategies and creative project management, we knew our name had to be synonymous with our mission, vision, values and goals.

The BDH Collective is here to establish and nurture real connections with dynamic partners and clients that will lead to rewarding collaborations and greater prosperity for all involved.

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