How AI Is Changing Creativity

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to infiltrate every part of our lives. The digitalization of information, communication, and commerce has created an ever-greater need for ways to collect and analyze data. How does this computerized new reality fit together with the realm of human creativity? When it comes to developing marketing materials and other important advertising, product creation and placement, and brand-building projects, AI can play a powerful role in both artistic vision and success.

What Does AI Do?

The systems that use AI and machine learning collect data more successfully than human-driven and static computerized systems. Most importantly, they have ways of using that data to explore nearly infinite possibilities when it comes to outcomes. A large part of artificial intelligence focuses on predictability. The systems are able to see how many consumers responded to a blue graphic, compare it to those who responded to a red graphic, and make determinations about the best way forward. This is an extremely simplified example of what AI can do to make informed decisions about your customers.

How Data Drives Creativity

Once the digital system looks at the data from advertising and public relations campaigns and aligns the results with the type of creative development a professional agency can do, a clear path forward emerges. While AI can share numerous hypotheticals or possibilities, it takes the clever creativity of the human mind to bring the right thing to life. A smart creative agency uses the data to fuel the creative process when it comes time to produce marketing materials and more for a particular brand.

While it does make sense to allow an experienced and skilled artist or marketing expert to take the reins of most projects, it is equally important to look at the data in a practical light. AI handles the information that informs creative decisions moving forward.

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