How Does Website Tracking Work?

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The success of any website or individual page comes down to the proper collection of traffic data and its analysis. This allows you to know what works, what does not work, and what you should do in the future to create more success. In order to do all of this, you need to put top-quality website tracking systems in place from the start.

What Does Website Tracking Do?

While different tracking systems pay attention to different pieces of data, they all watch the activity of any visitor while they are interacting with your website. For example, a tracking system identifies how the people found your site, what pages they look at, what links they click on, how long they stay, and what page they were on when they left.

Top Website Tracking Methods

The following four tracking systems are the most commonly used for professional purposes online. If you want to succeed with any type of marketing or search engine optimization, it makes sense to use all of them on every piece of content you share.

Facebook Pixel

Gather information about your Facebook ads, social media page, or website to keep track of the responses you get in any place. The pixel allows you to follow your visitors, so you know how to encourage future ones to take the same actions.

Google Analytic

The most popular data collection and analysis service in the world comes from Google. You can set up a small piece of code on your website which allows this search engine and business services company to gather huge amounts of information about your traffic.

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

This professional social media platform offers tracking capabilities through the LinkedIn Insight Tag, which is a snippet of JavaScript you put on your website. This is specifically used to track clicks and conversions on LinkedIn advertising.

Twitter Conversion Tracking

This well-known social media platform has a very similar visitor- and ad-tracking system. Conversion tags associate clicks with the ads you place.

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