How to add social media influencers to your marketing campaign?

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The power of social media marketing is great. The popularity of sites like Facebook and Instagram has created a whole new opportunity for all types of businesses that sell products and services. Influencers are taking on the role of spokespeople. If you want to attract a wider market, you need to learn how to get their attention and add them to your marketing efforts.

How to find the best influencer for you

Influencers are people who effectively market themselves and present themselves as people to pay attention to in a particular niche or market. They do not necessarily have fame or celebrity outside their field. When advertisers used to select spokespeople to mention their products or services, they would look for a sports figure, movie star or musician that everyone already knew. Today, influencers don’t need that kind of gravitas.

How do you find the right one for your advertising and PR strategy? If you are already involved in your industry or niche, and you should be if you want your business to succeed, just look at who your target audience is paying attention to. Look for people who have a huge following on social media.

Using influencers in your marketing strategy

In order to incorporate an industry or niche influencer into your marketing campaigns, you must either pay them or convince them that your products are valuable to their followers. In most cases, this means giving them a free sample to try and talk about. While a trusted influencer can introduce your offer to many people, it’s important to know that relying too much on him or her for your PR efforts could backfire. If their recommendations start to seem incentivized or insincere, you can alienate your target market.

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