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When it comes to working with a creative team, you need to find ways to function effectively together and make sure you reach the desired goal on time. Two of the best ways to do this are to foster collaboration and over-communicate every step of the way. Before you jump into any of the tips shared below, it is important to understand what these two terms mean.

What Is Collaboration?

Collaboration is generally defined as the practice of working together smoothly with others to accomplish a particular goal or finish a project. Any creative team or freelance professional should collaborate at one time or another to provide better services or deliver more quickly than they could on their own. If you organize a team or manage a group of creative professionals, you need to find a way to encourage collaboration all the time.

What Does It Mean to Over-Communicate?

One of the ways to do so is to set up a strong system to facilitate communication between co-workers. In some cases, you may think that you are over-communicating to an almost uncomfortable degree. It is important to remember, however, that the only way people can truly stay on the same page at all times is to constantly talk about progress and share updates and ideas.

Use co-working systems like group scheduling apps, or set up a convenient email list so everyone is kept informed at all times. Encourage people to not only share their progress, but also any feedback or new ideas along the way.

Why Does It All Matter?

Collaboration and effective communication matter because you want a creative team to work efficiently and with a minimum of operational and social stress. Creative professionals sometimes need a strong guiding hand to help them work with others who may challenge their ideas and points of view.

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