How Do You Attract Better Clients?

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Too many freelancers or small-business service providers get trapped by the idea that they always have to attract more clients in order to succeed. The old adage “quality over quantity” holds true when it comes to these professional situations. If you attract better clients that are easier to work with and pay you a higher amount, you do not have to run yourself ragged always looking for more.

What Is a Better Client?

Defining a “better client” is based primarily on earning potential. Every freelancer or small business professional wants clients that will pay them more money for the same job they used to do for less. Better clients are also those who are easier to work with and who are more likely to recommend your services to others. This word-of-mouth advertising is an excellent way to build your client base.

Three Tips to Attract High-Value Clients

If you want to attract freelance or business clients who will pay you more for your quality services, consider the following three tips. They do not comprise an exhaustive plan, but they do lay the foundation of how to seek out quality clients instead of quantity.

1 – Identify specific markets that have these better clients in them. Instead of targeting other beginning freelancers, for example, market to established businesses.

2 – Clearly demonstrate the highest possible value in every aspect of your business. Have a professional website, communicate effectively, and never engage in any spam or black hat techniques.

3 – Play the long game. Most people who are willing to pay top dollar for an excellent service will not make up their mind immediately. Work to establish a professional relationship with high-value clients to get the better payoff in the end.

Another important tip involves saying no. If you attract low-value clients, you have the right to choose not to work with them. Concentrate on better clients overall, and your reputation will improve.

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