The Importance of a Freelancer Website

The Importance of a Freelancer Website - BDH Collective - Creative agency - marketing - public relationMontreal - Toronto

When you launch your freelance business, you know the skills you have, the types of services you offer, and the best audience to market them to. Whether this information is stuck in your mind or written down in a text file, it is virtually useless if you do not use it to develop an online platform to share it effectively. A freelancer website is the foundation of this platform, and it is a must-have for every creative professional who wants to succeed with their own business.

A Website Is the Professional Face of Your Company

You do not have the opportunity to give a pleasant smile and a firm handshake to every potential client who contacts you online. Your freelancer website is responsible for making the best first impression possible. While an advertisement or a social media post may introduce an interested person to your offers, your website provides the information they need and want in order to determine if you’re the type of freelancer they will consider doing business with.

Freelancer Websites Are Effective Marketing Tools

Search engine optimization and content marketing are still the cornerstones of all types of effective marketing on the Internet. When you create a high-quality freelancer website, you have the perfect place to utilize these skills effectively. The higher you rank on Google and other search engines, the more organic targeted traffic you will get for your service pages and offers.

A Website Forms the Central Hub of Your Online Platform

Building an effective online platform includes a wide array of pages, groups, profiles, and more. Your freelancer website acts as the hub that connects all of your other marketing efforts effectively. For example, blog posts on your site can automatically turn into social media posts that attract a different market segment. Conversely, your social media posts can appear in the sidebar of your website quite easily. You can host marketing videos on YouTube and Instagram while using the same content on your website itself.

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