How to Prepare a Sales Pitch

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As a freelance professional or small business owner who provides services to a diverse clientele, you need to develop a unique sales pitch process to get as many offers as you possibly can. While the specific wording you use for potential clients will differ, there are some general rules that will help you create the best possible sales pitch from the start.

1 – Identify the Client’s Unique Needs

The first and most important step in any sales presentation or pitch is to figure out exactly what the customer or client needs. This includes listening to them directly and studying the market enough to truly understand what products or services will help them achieve their goals. Not every potential buyer knows this on their own. Sometimes, you have to include recommendations in your sales pitch and convince them that you know what they need better than they may know themselves.

2 – Share Your USP

A unique selling proposition (USP) is whatever you or your company has that propels it above all the others offering similar products or services. In other words, why should someone hire you? After demonstrating that you understand the client’s needs, you need to show that you are the right one to satisfy them completely. A sales pitch must include a solution.

3 – Use the Right Tone

Creating a quality sales pitch is about more than advertising your skills and connecting with the customer on a professional level. The overall tone of your message must align with the potential client’s comfort zone. A high-powered corporate target may respond more quickly to a straightforward, just-the-facts attitude, while an individual looking for creative work may appreciate a more personable tone. Your ability to determine what works will influence the chance of success for your sales pitch.

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