Our Services

Our pool of talent is made up of diverse experts in fields ranging from multimedia to arts and culture. Rest assured, we will match the right professionals to your needs and brand identity so that our services will always meet your goals. Best of all, our all-inclusive services will require payment of one simple bill for your project.

Do you need any of the following services? We can help you!

Media & Communications
TV commercials, photography and videography of media events, full-suite conception and execution of public relations and media relations campaigns, content for social media: video clips and infographics, digital media content creation: blogs, podcasts and video-blogs, digital and interactive television programs, conduct of interviews and recording customer testimonials, business and grant writing, press releases for prominent events (e.g., product launch, festivals, album launch)
We work with established agencies, labels and organizations, as well as young talents and startups.
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