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In our new film The Secret Scripture, based on the novel by Sebastian Barry, the six-time Oscar nominated director returns to themes familiar to him: politics, religion, family and truth. Vanessa Redgrave stars as Rose McNulty, a woman
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Svens Telemaque hired us to produce a commercial for the “Real talk on Race” campaign to be aired on CBC Television Montreal, as well as on the CBC Montreal Facebook page and CBC Website. BDH Collective shot the spot to have greater impact by emphasize is mission and vision.
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We created three separate promotional videos for the platform Black Foodie to increase awareness and traffic for her social media platforms to assist in the promotion of her client; Sophia Services Traiteur (Sophia Catering Services). The success was instantaneous as you can see by the points* below and increased the client’s (Sophia Services Traiteur) sales by an amazing 2500% from the previous year. One of the video immediately went viral, with the result below. The production was not only a success for the catering client but also for “Black Foodie”. After the video aired on “Black Foodie’s” Facebook platform – it organically gained her 3300 new page likes in three days.
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We were hired to create and produce a commercial for the breakfast restaurant chain - Allô! Mon Coco.The spot was used to promote their brand at a 2015 Gala for our client, ‘‘Club de Soccer de Chomedey’’, for which Allô! Mon Coco was the featured sponsor. The commercial was premiered at the gala.
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We created and produced a web commercial for the restaurant Weinstein & Gavino’s. The purpose of this ad was to attract new followers to W & G’s social media and new clients for the restaurant. This commercial was a success in catching the eye of discerning foodies who wanted to experience W & G’s original cuisine and ambiance.
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We produced promotional multiplatform videos for Les Parfums Joseph and shot in multiple locations in Montreal and Toronto. These videos featured the diverse nuances and unique elements of the product line. The commercials were produced to be launched immediately after the appearance of the CEO and founder of Les Parfums Joseph on the popular CBC program “Dragons Den”.
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