Social Services (Non-profit)

Project summary

The Shield of Athena, a community outreach program and crisis management for women and children victims of domestic abuse, needed to have a more unified style and efficient methodology for their publicity and social media. The purpose, to increase fundraising and awareness reach, as well, as to solidify their brand voice and image and create a “bible” of unifying images and creative content.

Empowering The Shield of Athena's Message

Unifying Branding and Creative Content


Branding Guidelines:

We developed a comprehensive set of branding guidelines to ensure a unified style across all platforms, including logos, color schemes, typography, and imagery

Social Media Strategy:

Our team created a tailored social media strategy that emphasized consistency and engagement, utilizing key platforms to connect with the target audience and increase fundraising and awareness reach

Creative Content:

We produced a variety of creative content, including videos, graphics, and infographics, that effectively communicated the brand's message and increased engagement across all platforms

Performance Tracking:

We monitored the performance of the social media campaigns, using analytics tools to gather data and insights that would help us optimize future campaigns and improve the overall effectiveness of the brand's outreach efforts

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Creating a Unified Style and Efficient Methodology for Management and Community Outreach

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