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Project summary

BDH collaborated with a consulting firm to offer a comprehensive range of services related to online workshops and courses. Their services included strategy consultation, execution, training, track installation, and production. During the strategy phase, BDH coordinated project management, developed online sales tools, and enhanced the client’s brand image. For the execution phase, they supported the consulting firm in website creation and management and provided training on software installation and automation. They also emphasized track installation, photography, video editing, photo management, and branding. BDH’s expertise was instrumental in the successful development and implementation of the client’s online workshop and course offerings.

Consulting Firm's Comprehensive Services

Strategy Consultation, Execution Support, and Brand Enhancement for Successful Online Course Offerings


Social Media Strategy Development and Management:

Enhancing Your Online Presence and Reaching a Larger Audience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultation and Implementation:

Increasing Your Website Traffic and Improving Your Google Ranking

Content Creation and Marketing:

Generating Quality Content and Engaging Your Target Audience Across Multiple Channels

Website Design and Development:

Building a Stunning Website that Showcases Your Agency's Unique Style and Capabilities

Elevate Your Creative Agency with Comprehensive Implementation Solutions

Increased Visibility, Enhanced Branding, Improved Website Performance, Engagement, Revenue Growth, and Data Analytics - See Results with Our Services!

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