Beauty Industry (Cosmetics)

Project summary

The team was tasked by a renowned makeup and skincare brand to provide professional photo and video production lighting services for their studio. Realizing the significance of selecting the appropriate equipment, the team meticulously researched and identified the best options that would suit the studio’s needs and complement the available space. A shopping list was created to suggest potential equipment, and recommendations were given for any modifications that could enhance the setup. In addition to delivering top-notch marketing solutions, the team also provided consulting services, meticulously analyzing the site’s limitations and presenting the most effective solutions to overcome any challenges. With their expertise and keen eye for detail, the team provided a comprehensive agency experience, guiding the client towards achieving their goals and thriving in their business. The team not only delivered the necessary marketing solutions but also acted as consultants, guaranteeing that their client had the guidance and support required for success.

Professional Lighting Solutions for Makeup and Skincare Studios

Meticulous Research for Optimal Equipment Selection


Equipment Selection:

Carefully selected equipment to suit the studio's needs and space, ensuring the best lighting and visual effects for marketing materials

Shopping List Creation:

Created a comprehensive shopping list for potential equipment and modifications to enhance the studio's setup

Consulting Services:

Provided consulting services to analyze site limitations and present the most effective solutions to overcome any challenges

Comprehensive Agency Experience:

Delivered top-notch marketing solutions while acting as consultants to guide the client towards achieving their goals and thriving in their business

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