Media & Communication

Creative Project Management

2,037$ - 10,821$

Our comprehensive project offers a variety of pricing options tailored to accommodate diverse budgets and requirements for Website Analytics Tools.

Our Creative Project Management enhances communication

Resolves disorganization

Ensures deadline adherence

Manages resources effectively

A solution that fits your creative needs

What is creative project management services ?

Creative project management applies innovative problem-solving techniques to boost efficiency and effectiveness in projects, improving collaboration, communication, and flexibility.

Who needs a creative project management services ?

Businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and other entities can benefit from creative project management services to foster creativity, collaboration, and flexibility in complex projects.

Be creative, do more, have success

How does creative project management work?

It fosters clearer, more effective communication channels, crucial for project success.

Organizations across various sectors undertaking complex projects can gain from enhanced creativity and collaboration.

Flexibility allows for adapting to changes and challenges, ensuring project goals are met efficiently.

It introduces structured yet creative methodologies to streamline processes and keep projects on track.

Basic Package

From 2,037$ /month
  • Basic project planning and scheduling.
  • Basic communication and coordination with project team.
  • Simple status reporting and documentation.

Premium Package

From 5,068$ /month
  • All features are included in the basic package.
  • Advanced project planning and scheduling.
  • Customized project plan for specific business needs/goals.
  • Regular progress and budget reporting and documentation.
  • Regular communication and coordination with the project team.
  • Ensuring all tasks are completed on time.

Elite Package

From 10,821$         /month
  • All features are included in the basic and premium packages.
  • In-depth project planning and scheduling.
  • High level of attention to detail and risk mitigation.
  • Customization of project plan and management processes.
  • Advanced reporting, real-time updates.
  • Crisis assessment, planning and risk mitigation.
  • High level coordination for task completion on time.

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