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How to Get a Job Using Social Media

The days of handing over of resume and filling out an application are over. These days, you need to create the best possible picture of yourself for every hiring manager or potential client you want to impress. This involves using your social media platforms effectively. Learning how to get a job using social media is...

Do You Still Need Traditional Media to Succeed?

In a world continuously rushing toward digitalization, you may wonder if traditional media will help your company to succeed. Things like newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and more offline options may still have a place in your marketing strategy. However, determining whether you should invest your funds in these types of advertising comes down to the...

The Future of Content Marketing

Content has been king in the search engine optimization (SEO) and online business marketing worlds for decades. Today, however, the Internet is growing at an astronomical rate, and new content is created faster than anyone could possibly consume it. Producing more is not the answer to common questions about how to succeed. Instead, engaging the...

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