Production Services

12,158 $ - 32,824 $

Our comprehensive project offers a variety of pricing options tailored to accommodate diverse budgets and requirements for Website Analytics Tools.

Our production services enhance time management

Deliver superior quality in sound and visuals

We offer professional lighting setups

qualité supérieure du son et de l'image

Create professional-grade content, elevating your visual media to a higher standard

A solution that fits your creative needs

What is production services ?

Production services encompass expert-led creation of high-quality visual content like videos and animations, covering all stages from concept to post-production. Our aim is to craft engaging content that effectively communicates your brand's message and fulfills marketing goals.

Who needs a production services ?

Beneficial for various organizations and individuals, our production services focus on creating visually compelling content, from videos to graphics, to effectively convey messages and achieve marketing objectives.

Be creative, do more, have success

How do production services work?

By leveraging expert skills in sound, visuals, and lighting for professional-grade results.

Any organization or individual needing high-quality visual content for effective communication.

Efficient time management ensures timely delivery of high-quality content.

Expertise in visual storytelling and technical aspects guarantees content that resonates with audiences.

Basic Package

From 12,158$         /month
  • 1 camera
  • 2-3 crew members
  • Half-day shoot (4 hours)
  • Delivery of final video in high definition
  • Basic editing (color correction, music, etc.)

Premium Package

From 19,715$         /month
  • 2 cameras
  • Premium editing
  • 3-4 crew members
  • Full-day shoot (8 hours)
  • Delivery of final video in high definition and 4K

Elite Package

From 32,824$         /month
  • 3-4 cameras
  • Deluxe editing
  • Multiple-day shoot
  • 5-6 crew members
  • 1 hour pre-shoot consultation
  • Custom promotional material
  • Delivery of final video in high definition and 4K

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