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The popularity of email marketing comes from its high success rate. If you want a captive audience with a maximum response and action, you either have to continuously write emails yourself or set up an autoresponder system. Understanding the power of an autoresponder email allows you to free up a lot of time and money for other advertising strategies. Go beyond the standard “Welcome” email when someone signs up for your list. You can use these automated setups for every step of your marketing process.

How Autoresponders Work

An autoresponder uses an email system to send messages to your subscribers based on their response to the first message, a certain period of time, or an action they take elsewhere, like on your website or social media page. While there is a lot of technology behind these systems, most are simply handled by a premium provider or a system attached to your website’s email server.

The process is quite simple:

  1. An interested person signs up for your opt-in email list.
  2. Your email server automatically sends them a welcome message.
  3. A day or two later, the person gets a follow-up message with product information or a call to action.
  4. A few days after that, they get another automatic message – OR
  5. They get a message if they take action based on the first autoresponder email.

Top Benefits of Autoresponder Emails

Autoresponders work for any type of product or service marketing for two primary reasons. First of all, the magic in an email list comes from the fact that all of these people signed up specifically to get information and offers from you. They are essentially a captive audience ready for more. Secondly, autoresponders represent a passive sort of marketing that continues to work even without your input on a regular basis. This provides long-term returns on your initial investment.

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