How Does Drip Email Marketing Work?

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No matter how popular social media and other advertising methods become, email newsletters and communications remain one of the most common and successful methods of attracting attention and keeping it on the Internet today. One powerful method to add to your overall growth strategy is called drip email marketing. To understand how it can help you and how to set it up for maximum success, you first need to know how it works.

What Is Drip Email Marketing?

As the name implies, drip marketing of any kind involves slowly releasing messages or pieces of content to your audience one at a time. After the first drip hits them, usually in the form of an introductory email, you automatically schedule additional drips based on their response to the first one. This multilevel process uses auto responders to send premade emails to different segments of your audience. The benefits are considerable since you do not have to individually answer people or develop complex interactive advertising campaigns.

Top Tips for a Successful Drip Email Campaign

1 – Identify the type of content and offers that your target subscribers are most likely to respond to. Plan appropriate calls to action for each segment of your list.

2 – Hire a professional creative agency to develop content and advertisements that you can use in your drip email marketing campaign.

3 – Use a premium system to collect subscribers, divide them into groups based on their position in your sales funnel, and set up the email messages to get sent out with the autoresponder system.

4 – Analyze the entire process by gathering data based on who opens each email and how they respond. Always be ready to tweak or change the drip messages as needed to get the best returns.

Drip email marketing works because it gives exactly the right information to each subscriber, no matter where they are in the purchase decision-making process. By automating the system, you get a truly hands-off way of engaging more interest and pushing for more sales.

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