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At the beginning of any freelance project or creative job, you must collect specific information from the client. Being thorough makes a big difference when it comes to ultimately satisfying their needs. After all, how can you possibly deliver a great finished project if you do not truly understand what the client wants? In order to complete this process effectively, collect the following information from every client.

1 – General Information About What They Want

You cannot possibly satisfy your customer if you have no idea what they want to begin with. Take sufficient time to sit down in a formal meeting or communicate completely about the type of work they want you to do for them. This should include as much specific information as possible to ensure their complete satisfaction.

2 – Their End Goal for the Project

Beyond simple expectations, you also need to know what the ultimate goal of the project is. Are they looking for increased sales for a particular product or service in their own company? Perhaps they want an attention-grabbing graphic video project, or a particular number reached for a new marketing campaign. It ultimately depends on what types of products or services you offer.

3 – Deadlines and Budgets

As interesting as project planning may be, if your client does not tell you when they need the job completed by and how much they are willing to spend, there is no way you can satisfy their needs. This type of information should be clearly outlined in every contract. Also negotiate terms for upfront or partial payments, and what to do in case the overall work extends beyond the initial deadline.

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