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Be Creative, Do More, Have Success

BE Creative – DO It Right – HAVE the Edge

BE creative and work on diverse projects

  • Be true to your core identity
  • Get more productive without having to deal with unproductive tasks
  • Be part of a large network, where you can grow mutually beneficial relationships
  • Coach, share your expertise, and provide consulting to clients

DO it right and grow your brand

  • Edit and enhance digital photographs
  • Correct image resolution and composition
  • Adjust colour, tone, saturation, brightness
  • Add and remove objects, details, and colours
  • Uphold consistency in quality control
  • Maintain communication with different professionals

HAVE the edge and take the initiative

  • Proven experience using photo editing software
  • Understanding of brand image styles and guidelines
  • Strong knowledge of file types, file resolution, and colour management
  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • Strong organizational skills relating to naming, saving, and storing files