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Be Creative, Do More, Have Success

We simplify our clients’ lives by providing many services and the team to staff them, all available in one place. Let’s get creative, reduce obstacles, and increase opportunities for your success!

BE Creative – DO It Right – HAVE the Edge

BE creative and work on diverse projects

  • Stay true to your identity
  • Be more productive by discovering new technologies
  • Develop your skills and share your vision

DO it right and grow your brand

  • Communicate with clients electronically
  • Integrate media and data for online delivery
  • Coordinate the maintenance and optimization of e-commerce systems
  • Analyze web-based information for strategic planning purposes
  • Develop an electronic marketing plan
  • Apply web standards and requirements
  • Organize sales logistics in an e-commerce context
  • Apply the different practices related to e-business management

HAVE the edge and take the initiative

  • Integrate media and data for online delivery;
  • Coordinate maintenance and optimization of e-commerce systems;
  • Analyze web information for strategic planning purposes;
  • Develop an electronic marketing plan;
  • Apply web standards and requirements;
  • Organize sales logistics in an e-commerce context;
  • Career Centre, College or Continuing education third party liability insurance (if applicable)

These are the websites we are currently working on:

Applicants must be currently enrolled in a recognized Trade School, College, or University program, as the internship opportunity is designed to complement their educational curriculum.

Unpaid internship if you are:

  • Receiving a salary from Emploi-Quebec, Quebec government or other any government program (ex: PRATIC)
  • Not eligible to work in Canada
  • Other condition may apply