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Be Creative, Do More, Have Success

We simplify our clients’ lives by providing many services and the team to staff them, all available in one place. Let’s get creative, reduce obstacles, and increase opportunities for your success!

BE Creative – DO It Right – HAVE the Edge

BE creative and work on diverse projects

  • Be true to your core identity
  • Get more productive without having to deal with unproductive tasks
  • Be part of a large network, where you can grow mutually beneficial relationships
  • Coach, share your expertise, and provide consulting to clients

DO it right and grow your brand

  • Capture the clients’ needs and enhance their beauty and physical attributes
  • Determine necessary supplies and inquire about theme, decorations, and costumes, if applicable
  • Explain procedure, hygiene standards, product choices, and approximate session length
  • Examine clients’ ideas, photographs, and other references to create
  • Share your expertise and answer questions during a session
  • Adapt to a variety of clients in different types of environments

HAVE the edge and take the initiative

  • Prior experience in customer care and as a makeup professional
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • An artistic eye, a creative mindset, and a teamwork approach
  • Deep knowledge of skin care, makeup products, techniques, and technologies
  • Manual dexterity, attention to detail, and patience
  • Great understanding of health and safety rules
  • Good knowledge of the latest trends in the beauty industry