Ad Campaign Services

874$ - 5,783$

Our standard full project has a range of pricing options to suit all budgets and requirements.

Increases the awareness of your brand

Attracts new customers

helps you stand out from your competition

Increase sales volume

A solution that fits your creative needs

What is ad campaign services?

Social media marketing campaigns are a successful type of marketing campaign. Through BDH Collective’s ad campaign services, we will manage your Google, Facebook and LinkedIn ads. Social media marketing includes banner ads, brand awareness ads for introducing a new product, and well-designed posts that convey a proper and clear message.

Who needs a ad campaign?

Do you need to drive more awareness for your company? Are you uncertain about the necessary monthly budget and what processes should be followed to respond to the increased demand? Would it be preferable if you had tracking software installed? This service is for you.

Basic Package

From 874$ /month
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Campaign set up and structure
  • Ad copy creation and optimization
  • Bid management and budget allocation
  • Monthly performance reporting

Premium Package

From 2,485$ /month
  • All features are included in the basic package.
  • Advanced targeting and retargeting strategies.
  • Landing page optimization
  • A/B ad testing and continuous optimization
  • Bi-weekly check-ins and reviews with dedicated manager.
Elite Package
From 5,783$ /month
  • Basic & premium package features
  • Integration of marketing channels (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • Advanced ROI tracking and reporting
  • Monthly strategy sessions with a dedicated team of experts.

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Our email marketing team controls the content of your emails. We will receive quality content and email marketing software to improve your subscriber count and avoid the spam folder.

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In our event management services, we will oversee all logistics of your conference and events with our partners.

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Facebook Ad Management

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