Should you invest your time on social media?

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While search engine optimization still provides the most organic traffic to your website and email marketing remains one of the most beneficial focuses of your entire strategy, social media has exploded over the past decade to attract and retain interest, and convince your target consumers to make a purchase or contact you for more information. Should you invest your time on social media?

If you know what you are doing on social media, then yes!

The benefits of an active social media strategy

Statistical information and anecdotal evidence from a wide range of companies that market online clearly demonstrate that an active social media strategy offers many benefits to their brand’s growth and profits. This can:

  • Introduce more people to your brand, products and services.
  • Build brand recognition and reputation with a continuous stream of content.
  • Create a “captive audience” with groups and opt-in subscribers.
  • Forge strong relationships and network with other marketing professionals.
  • Help consumers see you as a valuable source of information and positive customer experience.

Choosing the right social platform for your business

Who is your target audience and where do they spend their time? While Facebook (FB) remains the most widely used social media platform in the world, other options include Instagram (IG) and the increasingly popular TikTok. FB tends to attract older users, while IG is more focused on millennials and younger people.

One of the best ways to determine the right social platform for your business is to try several and see what kind of attention you get and the return on the ads you place. In marketing, you can only do so much research and get help from professionals. Trial and error is part of the process used when creating a successful marketing or public relations strategy.

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