The Cost of Hiring the Wrong Agency

The Cost of Hiring the Wrong Agency - BDH Collective - Creative agency - marketing - public relationMontreal - Toronto

Whether you are initially launching your new venture or want to market your business successfully and help it grow, you need a creative agency that can truly help you work toward your vision of success. If you choose the incorrect agency, you will have wasted an opportunity to expand into new markets, attract new customers or clients, and bring in the type of revenue you need and want. The cost of hiring the wrong agency has to do with three very important parts of running any type of business: money, time, and opportunity.

Waste Your Time

Finishing a creative project or establishing a marketing strategy takes time. If you hire the wrong agency from the start, they will have wasted so many hours and days that you cannot get back again. This type of problem can put your business at risk. For example, if you are launching a new product or service and the advertising content or graphics a bad agency delivered is insufficient for your needs, you will not have anything ready to promote.

Waste Your Money

Along with time being money, like in the above example, you still have to pay for the work done by the wrong agency. After putting in all the man-hours to produce your deliverables, from a display ad to an entire strategy, the company you originally used will want to get paid. If you use the poorly designed advertising or allow them to provide a marketing service that ends up not working, you will have an insufficient return on your investment for success.

Waste Important Opportunities

When you have a great idea for a marketing campaign, you need a creative agency that can act quickly to get you the advertisements you need and handle all the necessary public relations associated with it. If you hire someone who does not live up to expectations, delivers work late, or fails to provide the highest quality service, opportunities will pass you by.

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