Top Tips to Get More Organized as a Freelancer

Top Tips to Get More Organized as a Freelancer - BDH Collective - Creative agency - marketing - public relationMontreal - Toronto

Success becomes more difficult if you approach your freelance career in a disorganized and haphazard way. If you want to attract more high-value clients, sell more services on a regular basis, and deliver the highest quality customer service possible, you need to get organized. These tips will help you build and grow your business now and into the future.

1 – Use Synced Apps

Connect your home or office computer, your laptop, and your smartphone together with a synced organizational app or calendar program. You need to know exactly where you are in a project, what a client wants, and what you should do next, no matter where you are. This makes freelance organization easier.

2 – Establish a Daily Schedule

Adopt regular working hours and do not stray from them frequently. This is especially important when it comes to communicating with clients. If you respond to them at midnight, they will come to expect immediate attention. This can quickly become a disorganized mess and cut into your important family, personal, or sleep time.

3 – Create an Idea File

Use a mind mapping tool, a database, or a simple notes program to hold on to all your potential ideas for future projects. This is not where you put information that relates specifically to clients. Instead, they are things you want to remember for individual work or submissions.

4 – Manage Jobs Strategically

Do not take on more work than you can effectively do in a certain period of time. Use your apps and scheduling tools to manage how many clients you work with based on the length or complexity of the job they want you to do. Stay organized by saying no sometimes. You will end up with less stress and less potential for mistakes and client dissatisfaction.

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