Top Tips to Help Yourself Stay Productive

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If you run any type of business or have a freelance career, you need to maximize efficiency and stay productive throughout the day. After all, procrastination is the enemy of progress. When you feel yourself lagging behind on the work you have to do, take a look at these top tips to help yourself stay more productive for a longer period of time.

Tip 1 – Set Working Hours

One of the best ways to stay productive as a freelancer or self-employed individual is to treat your work like a real business. Set working hours when you are on the job, and make sure you keep your personal or family time separate. This helps you switch your mindset from one type of activity to the next more effectively.

Tip 2 – Create a Real Workspace

While one of the benefits of working for yourself is the ability to get things done anywhere, productivity suffers when you attempt to take care of business from your phone while you are at your child’s soccer game or waiting for car repairs. Set aside a particular spot as a work zone so no distractions enter it, and you’ll feel more productive when you are there.

Tip 3 – Use Schedules and Timers

Besides setting working hours, managing your time effectively helps you get jobs done more quickly. Use the calendar or an app tool to block out sections of time for particular tasks. You can even use timers to keep you focused for longer. Many freelancers use the Pomodoro technique, which alternates bursts of work and short breaks to keep your energy levels up.

Tip 4 – Give Yourself Rewards

Getting your work done and having clients pay you is the ultimate reward. However, to improve productivity, sometimes some personal motivation helps. If you get a certain number of work time blocks completed, reward yourself with a cup of tea, or a 10-minute break reading your social media pages or watching a fun YouTube video.

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