What Should You Outsource as a Freelancer?

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In the beginning of a freelance career, many service providers take on as much work as they possibly can. They do it all themselves, and never consider getting help. Some believe they cannot afford to outsource to other creative professionals, while others have the misguided idea that they could not possibly deliver the same quality without doing everything themselves.

However, if you want to expand your freelance business and offer new services or improve the ones you already do, outsourcing offers a host of options. The following list shows what you should outsource as a freelancer and what you probably want to keep control of yourself.

Outsource Marketing

The entire realm of marketing includes both large projects and smaller everyday tasks that can get in the way of your freelance work. Unless you are a marketing professional who can blast through these things quickly or who knows how to automate everything, outsourcing these types of jobs makes sense. This list includes social media posting, pay-per-click (PPC) ad tracking, and other types of busywork.

Outsource Customer Service

While the personal touch makes a difference in customer service, outsourced service providers can certainly answer simple questions and share information you prepare earlier. Many messages from customers or clients could be answered with an FAQ, but people often send an email or other type of message anyway.

Outsource Adjacent Services

If you want to expand your freelance business into other service types but do not have the necessary skills, you can easily outsource to other creative professionals in a collaborative way. As long as you establish that the other creative professional will deliver on time and with the highest quality, you can offer their services to your clients with ease. This type of arrangement can benefit both your businesses.

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