What to Prepare Before Contacting an Agency

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The creative agency or marketing company you choose to help build your brand is undoubtedly full of many highly qualified professionals who know what it takes to tackle any creative project and make it work for you. However, their efforts work so much better if you prepare some information and materials before the first conversation about your goals and interests. If you need to know what to prepare before contacting an agency, simply follow the three important points below to help ensure a more positive outcome.

Determine Your Budget

While it may be impossible for you to know exactly how much a creative project will cost at the start, you should prepare a general budget before contacting an agency. Choose how much your company can afford so you do not end up spending money you do not have. Telling the agency representative how much you expect to pay will help them create an appropriate project description.

Set a Timeline

Do you have a deadline you need to meet? If you fail to tell a creative agency about your timeline needs or expectations, they may have a difficult time satisfying you. Understand that most creative projects may take longer than you think. However, as the client, you should still share a basic timeline overview in the beginning.

Define Project Scope

It would be very difficult for a marketing agency to determine what type of advertising and public relations help you need if you do not tell them what you want from the start. Of course, you need to give them some creative license to use their skills to come up with the best solution for your brand. However, giving guidelines and defining the project scope first puts everyone on the same path for success.

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