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Project summary

When the CEO of Jung Guns Entertainment LLC was looking to attract more attention from TV networks, distributors and future audiences for their reality show pilot “Good ‘Ol Boys Take on the World” and highlight their production company. BDH Collective was hired to create, manage and administrate the project. The objective of the site was not only to have a home to link all their social media, as well as cast and crew bios, souvenir shop, videos etc.

Creating a Comprehensive Online Platform

Boosting Visibility and Engagement for TV Show


Web Design:

We created a visually stunning website that effectively communicated the brand's unique selling points and showcased their reality show pilot, while incorporating key features such as social media links, cast and crew bios, and a souvenir shop

Project Management:

Our team managed and administrated the website, ensuring that it was updated regularly and that all content was consistent with the brand's messaging and image

SEO Optimization:

We optimized the website for search engines, incorporating keywords and meta descriptions that would improve its search engine ranking and increase its visibility online

Performance Tracking:

We monitored the website's performance, using analytics tools to gather data and insights that would help us optimize future campaigns and improve the site's overall effectiveness

Website Development for TV Pilot

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