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Project summary

Samos wines reached out to us to cover seven food and wine tasting events in restaurants in the Greater Montreal area (Saint-Jérôme, Longueuil, Pointe-Claire, Mont-Royal, Mile-End, downtown Montreal).

Capturing the Essence of Food and Wine

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Professional Photography:

Our team captured high-quality photographs of the food, wine, and ambiance at each event, ensuring visually appealing content for Samos Wine's marketing efforts

Social Media Promotion:

We shared the event photos and details on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to increase visibility and engagement with Samos Wine's brand

Content Creation:

We also created blog posts and articles about the events, highlighting the unique features and flavors of Samos Wine and the Greek cuisine, which can be used for future marketing materials

Increased Brand Awareness:

Our event coverage and social media promotion resulted in increased brand awareness for Samos Wine in the Greater Montreal Area, attracting new customers and potential business opportunities

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