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Project summery

After the Shields only service van was stolen – we work on a traditional and social media crisis management plan (press releases, talking points, social media postings) that not only helped the Shield get a new van but also increased awareness for the Shields Family Services and various projects including their women and children’s (victims of domestic abuse) shelter and their second stage shelter.

Crisis Management and Public Relations Services

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Crisis Communications Strategy

We developed a comprehensive crisis communications strategy, including press releases, talking points, and social media postings, to effectively manage the media coverage surrounding the stolen van.

Brand Management

We managed the brand reputation of Shields Family Services, highlighting their various projects including their women and children’s shelter and second stage shelter, and increasing awareness of their services and mission.

Social Media Management

We monitor online conversations, to effectively communicate with their audience and manage their online reputation.

Fundraising and Donations

We leveraged the media attention to launch fundraising and donation campaigns, helping Shields Family Services get a new van and raise funds for their various projects and services.

Crisis Management and Brand Awareness Solutions

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