Ukrainian Rehabilitation Center
Fundraising Event Management

Project summary

Eramelinda Boquer managed and led the “Art-Etude” fundraising evening, a captivating blend of immersive performance and networking, held at the Montreal Art Center and Museum. The event supported the charitable cause of, dedicated to aiding medical treatment, prosthesis, and rehabilitation efforts for Ukrainians in need.

Witness the Transformation: Art-Etude Fundraising Evening

An Immersive Experience for a Worthy Cause


Strategic Planning:

Developing a comprehensive event plan encompassing immersive performances, networking, and impactful storytelling

Talent Sourcing:

Curating a lineup of talent, securing the participation of renowned painter Auclair Langlois and concert pianist Mathew Herskowitcz

Sponsor Engagement:

Forging partnerships with sponsors, aligning their brands with the event's charitable mission

Media and Promotion:

Strategizing and executing a media campaign across various platforms to maximize outreach and engagement

Crafting Connections: Art, Music, and Charity Unite

Celebrating the Impact of Art-Etude in Rebuilding Lives

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