College (Education)

Project summary

We were hired by Champlain Regional College in St. Lambert to design, plan and produce their first ever “Soirée de Reconnaissance” to recognize their existing sponsorship partners for their Continuing Education Department, as well as, attract new sponsors.

Planning and Producing Champlain Regional College's Sponsorship Recognition Soiree

Recognizing Existing Partners and Attracting New Sponsors for Continuing Education Department


Event Planning:

We designed and planned the "Soirée de Reconnaissance", ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for attendees

Creative Design and Branding:

We developed a creative and visually appealing event design that reflected the brand image of Champlain Regional College and its Continuing Education Department

Engaging and Interactive Program:

We created an engaging and interactive program that effectively recognized existing sponsors and attracted new ones, highlighting the benefits of sponsoring the Continuing Education Department

Successful Sponsorship Recruitment:

The "Soirée de Reconnaissance" resulted in the recruitment of new sponsors for Champlain Regional College's Continuing Education Department, strengthening their partnerships and expanding their reach

Celebrating Success and Building Partnerships

A Memorable Event to Recognize Existing Partners and Attract New Sponsors

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