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Project summary

Svens Telemaque hired us to produce a commercial for the “Real talk on Race” campaign to be aired on CBC Television Montreal, as well as on the CBC Montreal Facebook page and CBC Website. BDH Collective shot the spot to have a greater impact by emphasizing its mission and vision.

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Creative Concept Development:

We developed a creative concept that aligned with Svens Telemaque's mission and vision for the "Real Talk on Race" campaign, ensuring that the commercial had a strong impact on the audience

Multi-Platform Distribution Strategy:

We developed a comprehensive distribution strategy, leveraging both traditional and digital media channels, including CBC Television Montreal, CBC Montreal Facebook page, and CBC website, to reach a wider audience

Professional Production:

BDH Collective was hired to shoot the commercial to ensure high-quality production values and maximize the commercial's impact

Measurable Results:

We tracked and analyzed the performance of the commercial, measuring its impact and effectiveness across different platforms, and provided Svens Telemaque with actionable insights to optimize future campaigns

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