Restaurant Operator (Food & Beverage)
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Project summary

We were hired to create and produce a commercial for the breakfast restaurant chain – Allô! Mon Coco.The spot was used to promote their brand at a 2015 Gala for our client, ‘‘Club de Soccer de Chomedey’’, for which Allô! Mon Coco was the featured sponsor. The commercial was premiered at the gala.

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Concept Creation:

We developed a concept that showcased the restaurant's delicious breakfast offerings while incorporating the soccer theme of the gala


Our team of experienced writers crafted a compelling script that effectively communicated the brand's message and resonated with the target audience

Video Production:

We produced a high-quality video that captured the essence of the brand and showcased its unique selling points, all while staying within the allotted budget

Gala Premiere:

The commercial was premiered at the Club de Soccer de Chomedey Gala, generating buzz and excitement among attendees and effectively promoting the Allô! Mon Coco brand

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